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Blog: The Best Cheap Eats 

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  • naderqawasmi

Introducing Levant Pizza's Pistachio Backlawa Cheesecake!

Hey there, dessert lovers! Levant Pizza has something special for you: our new Pistachio Backlawa Cheesecake. It's perfect timing, especially with Beyoncé's new album drop!

What's in it? It's a creamy Madagascar vanilla cheesecake with hints of rose and orange blossom water. We swirl in pistachio paste cream and top it with crunchy pistachio backlawa.

Why You'll Love It:

  1. Delicious Flavors: It's a mix of sweet, floral, and nutty flavors in every bite.

  2. Great Texture: Creamy cheesecake meets crunchy backlawa topping for a satisfying combo.

  3. Available to Take Home: Grab our mini cheesecakes to enjoy anytime.

Where to Find It: Visit Levant Pizza to grab a slice or check our socials for mini cheesecake retail locations.

Backlawa Cheesecake, Backlava Cheesecake
Backlawa Cheesecake

Conclusion: Don't miss out on this tasty treat! Swing by Levant Pizza and indulge in our Pistachio Backlawa Cheesecake today. It's a dessert worth savoring!

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