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  • naderqawasmi

We've Gone and Done Something Crazy to Give You the Best Cheap Eats Toronto

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

We've Reduced Our Prices(!) When we first opened Levant, our mission was clear: to prove that fresh, house-made food can be both delicious and affordable. And we succeeded. However, as time went on, we faced rising costs – labor expenses increased, the price of produce soared (remember that $9 cauliflower?), and supply shortages became more frequent. In response to these challenges, we made the tough decision to adjust our prices to give you the best cheap eats, Toronto. But in doing so, we momentarily forgot that you, our valued customers, are facing similar financial pressures. Whether you're parents supporting a family, young adults struggling to cover rent, or simply trying to manage your grocery bills, we wondered: Shouldn't we be doing our part to help? So, here's the news: We're reducing the prices of our (not) pizza and sandwiches by 10-20%, all without compromising the quality of our food. Will this impact our bottom line? It's possible. But more importantly, we hope it will make your lives a little less stressful and your Levant experience a little more delightful. Because at the end of the day, quality food and affordable prices don't need to conflict. So, looking for affordable top rated pizza near me? Looking for sicilian style pizza near me? Come check out Levant! With warm regards, Nader CHECK OUT OUR MENU HERE

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