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Our Story

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Sicilian Pizza tata would be proud of

Uniting global flavours and time-tested culinary techniques, Levant helms a distinctive, yet familiar take on Sicilian pizza and sandwiches in Toronto's Bloorcourt neighbourhood at Ossington.


Our Process 

Using artisanal methods, we begin with focaccia that's made with "00" Italian flour and has been cold-proofed for four long days. This thick, yet incredibly airy dough is pressed into a well-oiled pan and left overnight before being and baked into our famous light and crispy focaccia. We then top this with sauces and ingredients inspired by Mediterranean flavours. We use the same focaccia for our freshly-baked sandwiches including our famous Muffuletta. 

Taste It To Believe It


We're the home of the famously Instagram-able 'Mix and Match' pizza that, beyond looking great, gives you the freedom to choose more than one of our signature styles on a single pie!

At Levant, we have a motto in the kitchen "Never Cut Corners".  Like our focaccia, virtually all of our toppings and dishes are house-made using the freshest ingredients and time-tested methods to prepare. The chef's mother always told him that for people to love the food you make, you must first love the way it's prepared.


Team Levant


PS - While we do great pizza and sandwiches, be sure to try our secret treasures like our creamy hummus. Oh, and what kind of Palestinian restaurant would we be without kunafa - traditional Nabulsi-style and a tiramisu variation!

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