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Our Story

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(not) Sicilian Pizza tata would be proud of

Uniting Palestinian and Italian flavours with time-tested culinary techniques, Levant helms a distinctive, yet familiar take on (not) Sicilian pizza and sandwiches in Toronto's Bloorcourt neighbourhood at Ossington.


Our Process 

At Levant (not) Pizza, we pride ourselves on crafting exceptional (not) pizza using time-honored artisanal techniques. Our process begins with the creation of our signature focaccia, made from the finest "00" Italian flour and cold-proofed for an impressive four days. This results in a sumptuously thick yet incredibly airy dough, which is then expertly pressed into a well-oiled pan and left to rest overnight before being baked to perfection. The outcome? Our renowned light and crispy focaccia that tastes like it came out of a sicilian restaurant, the cornerstone of our mouthwatering creations. 

Taste It To Believe It


Our commitment to excellence extends to our toppings and ingredients, which draw inspiration from the rich and diverse flavors of the Mediterranean.


We know what we're doing is unique, passionate, and crazy. We've heard time and time again that this isn't your typical pizza, so we've leaned into this - and now we are Levant (not) Pizza!

Not only do we use this delectable focaccia as the base for our iconic (not) pizzas, but it also serves as the foundation for our freshly-baked sandwiches, including our beloved Muffuletta.

Levant Pizza is the proud home of the highly Instagrammable 'Mix and Match' pizza. This innovative concept not only appeals to your visual senses but also offers you the freedom to select multiple signature styles on a single pie, ensuring a truly personalized dining experience.

In the Levant kitchen, our motto is simple: "Never Cut Corners." Much like our meticulous preparation of focaccia, nearly all of our toppings and dishes are crafted in-house, using only the freshest ingredients and time-tested methods. Our chef has always held his mother's wisdom close to heart: to make food that people love, one must first love the way it's prepared.


Team Levant


P.S. While we excel in (not) pizza and sandwiches, don't miss the opportunity to savor our hidden gems, such as our creamy hummus. And of course, as a Palestinian restaurant, we proudly serve traditional Nabulsi-style kunafa and a tantalizing tiramisu variation! Your palate will thank you.

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