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Levantine Sicilian Pizza tata would be proud of

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Uniting global flavours and time-tested culinary techniques, Levant helms a distinctive, yet familiar take on Sicilian pizza in Toronto's Bloorcourt neighbourhood. We begin with focaccia that's made with "00" Italian flour and has been cold-proofed for four long days. This thick, yet incredibly airy dough is pressed into a well-oiled pan and left overnight before being topped with sauces and ingredients inspired from classic Middle Eastern cuisine. How about a pizza based on every Arab's favourite dish - Maqlobeh? Yep, we've done it. The Shawarma Pizza is based on the quintessential lamb wrap - made entirely in-house. We're famous for our delicious and photogenic Mix and Match pizza to give you the freedom to choose a few styles on a single pie!

We also do classic Italian sandwiches in Toronto like a Muffuletta and Eggplant Parmigiana or Middle Eastern sandwiches like our Sumac Pulled Chicken. 

We like to describe our food as familiarly unfamilar. This means that we provide something new without straying too far from the traditional Italian and Middle Eastern flavours that many of us connect to. Tabouleh caesar salad anyone?

Oh, and we're definitely serving Traditional and Tiramisu Kunafah 

We have a number of vegan pizzas, too!

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